Patch is focused at developing technology.

This is deployed on platforms such as the web, cloud and mobile. We’ve an array of mobile first apps under development that focus on social interaction. Through our apps, we add substance to various types of social interaction which on a psychological level happen subconsciously in the offline world. Examples range from imitating ephemerality to interest based interaction to location and emotion orientated communication.

Platforms under development

  1. Anonymous communication platform

    This allows from user across the world to log into this platform and share their activities and experience anonymity. It gives them a freedom to speak their mind and connect with others who share similar interests. Users can publish their stories or activities, have private conversations and or simple read material shared by other users on the network. We expect to release this app in January in 2015.
  2. Parley

    This is a moment describing platform. Parley allows you to glorify these moments and you can in turn show off your moments with your friends on this platform. We expect to release this app in December 2014.
  3. Ephemeral apps

    Three of our concepts are based upon replicating the ephemeral behaviours shown by human in real life. This gives us a great chance of developing a successful ephemeral app where users can continue their real life behavior in the virtual world on their smartphones. We expect to release these apps by December 2014.

Patch's B2B Solutions

  1. Marketing Msg

    Core idea is instead of sending a SMS or email to reach a user, Google Hangout can be leveraged to send the same message at 1/3rd of the cost and reach the user on their smartphone. This solution allows advertisers to send out promotional messages in rich media format where as SMS only allows for text based marketing.
    By leveraging the principle of homophily (birds of a feather flock together) we can target like-minded individuals who happen to have high probability to engage with the promotional concent as compared to their counter parts.
    By Geo-fencing, we can ensure that users in a given location are targeted with promotional items relevant to them.
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  3. Adrift

    This app automates market research process. The hardware leveraged for this automation is smartphone (of any kind). The software used is based on proprietary technology and algorithm developed by Patch Software. Our technology ensures that during a market research exercise, data collection and storage is not only been made easy and robust but also efficient. Improvement in market research productivity due to automation results in quick completion of projects. And this improvement is evident at each step of market research using our software.
  4. More

    Please email should you wish to try out either of these services.

Job Work

During the dotcom boom, every business needed a website, similarly, every business now needs an app on the mobile platform.

We work with various clients who wish to have their mobile apps or websites developed. We’ve helped businesses to transform their entire businesses from the pen and paper approach to entirely digital solution.

Having a range of in house expertise of software development, our clients prefer our one stop solution to their software development requirements. We are able to keep our clients satisfied with the high quality of software we develop. This in turn helps us retain our clients.

Anyways, words can only take as so far, if you would like some real life insight into Patch, get in touch. All feedback on the concept, queries and critisim or abuse as we call it :) welcomed. Please email